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What the ERP Software for NBFCs does :

Automates all activities of the loan process - right from the Application form to the Sanctioning and Disbursement of the loan with appropriate IRR calculation

Provides quick service for any department - credit, legal, accounts, sales and collections

Responds promptly to customer enquiries

Presents legible and detailed statement of accounts to loaners/account holders only to ensure date safety and privacy

Advantages of ERP Software for NBFCs :

Save and maintain an individual track record of each and every case detail, including details about loan applicants, company branch, banks, standard document list, executive details

Filter the data (once it has been entered) according to the case number, pre-payment, penalty process. hence assisting with generating new reports according to the exact information required. Moreover, printouts of the complete account can be taken, helping with examining a case better

The software is industry-flexible, which means that it can be installed and used by any company of any industry

The user-friendly software makes it easy for an employee at any level to use it

The software can be highly customized to suit the requirements of the company, hence enhancing its efficiency

Generation of Standard Reports with many fields to understand the business holistically, including the following :

  1. Loan Register
  2. Disbursement Letter
  3. PDC Details
  4. CIBIL Details
  5. Customer Scheme Details
  6. Sales Target Report
  7. Sales Performance Report
  8. Pending Documents Report
Services and Features of ERP Software for NBFCs :

Completely automated system for any company, This program brings together all financial activities and uses them to accelerate resources, hence improving efficiency

In this finance module there are more than 25 master tables to maintain records, Once the records have been fed into these tables, they need not be re-entered anywhere, As a result, this allows data to be used for multiple reasons, without wasting time and space

Authentic data protection system, This enables tracking the entry log made by every employee at any point in time

It reduces your time, resource usage, and complexity while enhancing company performance,accuracy and efficiency

Some major master tables included are :

  1. Projection Master
  2. Penalty Slab
  3. Business Details
  4. Legal Slab
  5. Company Branch Master
  6. Loan Purpose Master
  7. Provision Master
  8. Designation Master
  9. Pre-Interview Rating Master
  10. Document Master