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Cloud Servers

The Cloud Servers we offer are built on exclusive Cloud Resource Technology for larger websites and apps that require dedicated hardware, at a better price. Enjoy increased performance, root flexibility and dynamic control of your accounts and resellers. We offer Windows/Linux powered Cloud Servers, whose easy-to-use control panels like cPanel/plesk help customers manage accounts comfortably. Our intuitive control panel enables you to kickstart your Hosting.

We prefer only high quality storage with level 1 support. For advanced users, our cPanel/plesk offers complete access to OS, giving you control of the server. We also focus more on scalable environments so that you can increase your available storage and resources as and when required.

Dedicated Servers

We offer Dedicated Servers from leading brands hosted in Tier IV datacenter in Mumbai & USA. Additionally, we provide with a robust infrastructure, high performance, RAID storage, industry’s best control panels and an upgrade option.

The hardware we use for our dedicated servers is of excellent quality - latest and most thoroughly tested blade servers manufactured by Super Micro. To take the greatest care of your data, all our servers come with two hard disks by default, with RAID1 enabled. This ensures uninterrupted performance even if one hard disk breaks down.