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Aphelion Finance Pvt. Ltd. & OneCapitall Ltd.

We have developed a customised web-based software for one of the leading NBFCs based out of Mumbai - Aphelion Finance Pvt. Ltd. They are mainly into providing different kinds of loans to people. For improved efficiency, they wanted a software to cover the complete Loan Management Process, Accounting Management, Legal and Recovery Process, HRMS & Payroll Management including CRM.

Hosted on a cloud server, we used MVC (.net) as a programming language and MS SQL database to design the solution. The application is currently used by 80+ users. We were successfully able to produce a similar software for OneCapitall Ltd. as well.


We were approached by Lenden Club, a fintech startup. They were keen on creating a peer-to-peer lending platform in Mumbai, India. We saw potential to learn, grow and help with this new business model, hence we decided to take on the project.

After months of intensive research and development, we built their web portal using MVC (.Net) and Angular JS. Since they wanted the portal for both backend operations as well as customer usage, we created the platform with 2 broad panels: End User Login (Borrower’s panel) and Admin Login (Lender's Panel) with role management.

The startup has been able to raise seed round of funding for its operations and has continued to work with us through the years.

Guru Nanak Hospital

This app requirement came from Gurunanak Hospital to give their patients access to their medical history, reports and other details. The app enables patients to make payments as well. Additionally, it provides access to the doctors to maintain the patients' logs and manage their prescriptions.

We developed the application using Android Studio. The app is available for registered patients and doctors from the hospital on an invite-only basis.


We have developed a complete CRM and case management web portal and mobile application for lawyers. It helps them to streamline their entire process and keep a track of all important dates such as case hearings, sending summons, notices, warrants etc. It further helps lawyers to generate and print documents as per their requirements from the web portal and sends notifications with reminders. This also helps in managing court diaries and clients' data.

IndusGuru Network Partners LLP

We approached IndusGuru, a Mumbai based startup, when their application was partially ready. It has been more than an year's association now and they are one of our happiest clients.

We have not only fulfilled their requirement of a web application, but also continued to manage it for over a year. We introduce new features and modules on a timely basis to consistently upgrade their system. Being one of our happiest clients, we are now IndusGuru's one-stop solution for all their IT requirements.